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Si te olvidas de mi nombre

I'm a fountain of blood,
in the shape of a girl.
You're the bird on the brim,
hypnotised by the whirl.

Drink me, make me feel real,
wet your beak in the stream.
Game we're playing is life,
love is a two way dream.

Leave me now, return tonight,
tide will show you the way.
If you forget my name.
You will go astray.
Like a killer whale.
Trapped in a bay.

I'm a path of cinders,
burning under your feet.
You're the one who walks me,
I'm your one way street.

I'm a whisper in water,
secret for you to hear,
you are the one who grows distant,
when I beckon you near.

Leave me now, return tonight.
The tide will show you the way.
If you forget my name,
you will go astray,
like a killer whale,
trapped in a bay.

I'm a tree that grows hearts,
one for each that you take,
You're the intruder hand,
I'm the branch that yo.


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